Deep Sea Animal

| 1 min

Sharing in case it speaks to you.


You were like a deep sea animal,
Waiting in the drink,
Your tentacles wide open,
Your heart miles deep.

When I saw your lantern floating there,
I couldn’t help but peek.
Caught up in each other’s wonders,
Our buffet was “all you can eat.”

We danced in the dark together,
Mem’ries I’ll always keep,
But the bond that held us together,
Made you want all the more to be free.

I cannot now help but wonder:
Was I too salty? Too sweet?
Did I proclaim my love too strongly?
The cost of a ring too steep?

I’ll never know the answer
To how you could be so cold.
But you are a deep sea animal -
I suppose I should have known.

Three painted rectangles denoting the end of a path.