Venetian Coin

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I was in Venice last month, early in the morning, no other tourists around in a more remote part of town, with an hour to kill and a great deal more loose change than I knew what to do with.

Then “Egyptian Fantasy” started playing in my earbuds…

…and suddenly I knew what to do.

A coin rests against a balled-up napkin sitting on an external windowsill.
A coin sits against a wrought-iron gate.
A coin fits nicely in a little hole in the wall.
A coin rests against some accordioned paper sitting on a windowsill.
A coin rests where two branches of a small tree meet.
A coin rests at the intersection of two wrought-iron window grate poles.
A coin sits stuck in a drain below the ground.
A coin sits precariously on top of an apartment intercom interface.
A coin sits in the large bolt hole at the edge of a public water spout.
A coin sits in a cranny in knotted boat line tied up to the dock.
A coin rests in a notch in some brick, up close.
A coin is partway slipped behind a sticker reading HELLO, which is itself peeling off a graffiti-covered door.
A coin sits an inch underwater on a stone step.
A coin sits an inch underwater on a stone step - video version.
A coin sits in a nook in a stone wall, barely visible.
A coin sits in the keyhole of a great wooden door.
A coin shines in the sunlight, sitting against a brick wall with ivy surrounding it.
A coin is hidden in a brick wall with the street name PONTE DE LA CALCINA painted on it.
A coin sits on some algae near the water.
A coin sits on some algae near the water. In this video version, you see the coin get swept under the algae and disappear
A coin sits in the corner of a window grate.

I hope someone was able to put the money to good use. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Three painted rectangles denoting the end of a path.