On Memes

| 1 min

This meme repository is presented by…

A meme is an idea. A trend. A “unit of cultural information.” Some of my favorite memes are tiny, but dense with content - a juxtaposition of surprising and hilarious images and sounds, crammed into just a short span of time and space.

Some were never meant to be funny.

…while others build upon found footage to take it to the next level.

Some of them ask questions:

(more than once)

Questions about reality:

…about time:

…and about existence itself:

Memes ask why

Although they may not have the answers, they still bring us joy, even in the small things:

Like dog ears:

Elephant shrews - singing:

Hilarious pranks:

And classics that make you crack up EVERY SINGLE TIME.

(Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. For more meme content, check out my friend Cody’s compilation. You’ll never know if you don’t go.)

Three painted rectangles denoting the end of a path.